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Power Cables

Wide voltage power cable range

Power Cables designed specifically for power transmission and distribution systems

Our comprehensive selection of power cables encompasses a wide voltage range, spanning from 0.6Kv up to 35Kv. Among these offerings, we have the Low Voltage XLPE Insulated Power Cable designed specifically for power transmission and distribution systems operating at 35kV or below. This cable serves a crucial role in facilitating the efficient transfer of electricity across various sectors, including power, construction, mining, metallurgy, petrochemicals, and communication industries. Its cutting-edge technology has led it to replace traditional oil-immersed paper insulated power cables, making it a preferred choice for modern applications.

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XLPE insulated power cables offer numerous advantages compared to both paper insulated and PVC insulated cables. These cables demonstrate exceptional electric strength, high resistance to aging, and outstanding environmental stress resistance, effectively guarding against chemical corrosion. Moreover, their simple construction ensures ease of use and convenient installation. The XLPE cables can operate at higher temperatures for extended periods, and they can be laid with great flexibility, free from any drop restrictions.

Unarmoured Cross-linking Polyethylene Insulated Power Cables with Rated Voltages from 6kV up to 35kV.

XLPE polyethylene insulated power cables are designed for fixed installation in alternating current transmission and distribution lines with a frequency of 50Hz and a rated voltage up to 6/35 kV. These cables are ideal for power transmission and find application in distribution networks, industrial equipment, and high electricity consumption areas.

XLPE polyethylene insulated flame-retardant power cables provide excellent fire prevention performance, minimizing the risk of fire accidents and associated losses. They are particularly suitable for use in environments such as subways, tunnels, and high-rise buildings.

For environmentally conscious applications, XLPE polyethylene insulated low-smoke zero-halogen flame-retardant power cables are an optimal choice. These cables exhibit superior flame-retardant properties, corrosion resistance, and low-smoke emission, making them ideal for installation in densely populated areas like subways, shopping malls, and schools.

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