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Ventilation Products & Mining Hose

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Choose our strip ventilation curtain for a practical and versatile solution in your industrial or mining environment.

Strip Ventilation Curtain

The cost-effective barrier for industrial workplaces and mining spaces

Introducing our strip ventilation curtain: the cost-effective barrier for industrial workplaces and mining spaces. An economical solution to enclose internal and external apertures. These transparent PVC strips offer remarkable flexibility without compromising natural light, making them a popular choice in any industrial or mining setting.

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Mining Hose

Valued for their reliability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness

PVC mining hose is a durable and versatile industrial tubing designed specifically for use in mining operations. Constructed from high-quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride) materials, this hose is engineered to withstand the harsh conditions commonly encountered in mining environments, including abrasion, impact, and exposure to various chemicals and minerals. 

Mining Hose Green
Green H/D PVC Mining Hoses – Heavy Duty
Mining Hose Red
Red Mining Hose – High-Pressure Hose

The Red Rockdrill PVC Mining Hose is a heavy-duty, high-pressure hose designed with high abrasion resistance in a jackhammer and portable air tool applications on construction sites and underground mining, as well as in other severe working conditions.

Mining Hose Blue
Blue PVC Mining Hoses – Standard Duty

Standard duty discharge of water (dewatering) in mining, agriculture and industry

Anti Static Hose
Anti-Static Loading Hose – Anti-Static

The Anti-Static Loading Hose is for loading explosives in mine blasting operations.

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Ventilation Products & Mining Hose

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