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Underground Roof Supports

Mine Arch 1

As underground mines get ever deeper in search of supplementary orebodies, bearing forces become a significant issue in tunnel stabilization. Existing tunnel support methods become less effective at greater depth, and the need for additional reinforcement increases.

With some of the deepest mines reaching four kilometres underground, global trends suggest.

 Incidents of rock bursts and tunnel failure are on the rise. The deeper the mine, the higher the stress level exerted on the surrounding rock. Heavier section profiles and optimising excavation shapes to endure higher stresses are developed for extremely difficult underground conditions.

Our qualified technical team are available for any information or advice concerning your unique project requirements.

Underground Roof Supports

European design at the highest standards and quality

Mine Arches are manufactured to drawing by our technical team, guaranteeing strength and support. TH steel profiles are used in tunnels and roadways and provide a yielding, high resistance support as well as:

Mine Arch Replacement
Standard Mine Arches
Mine Arch 3

Type: Ring Set or Shaft Rings

Mine Arch 4

Type: Middle Point

Mine Arch 5

Type: Square Short Radius

Mining Support Accessories

Ensuring the structural integrity of mine shafts

Mining support accessories encompass a diverse range of crucial tools and equipment designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity within the mining industry.

Bolted Joints
Yoke Joints
Channel Spacers
Base Plates
Base Plates 1
Base Plates 2
Base Plates 3
Base Plates 4
Bernold Sheets & Lagging

Enhancing safety and efficiency throughout the mining process

Bernold Sheets are grooved, undulated, and bent to a certain radius, manufactured in sizes up to 2/3mm and 1080x1200mm long.

They act as a concrete framework when totally cured.

Sheets are assembled over the steel arches, overlapped and hooked up with pins. Each sheet will cover approximately 1m2.

Ribs provided within the sheets every 120mm are considered equivalent to a concrete framework structure.

The Bernold System provides more security, efficiency and is economical.

Length Before Rolled
Length After Rolled
Number of Waves
2mm +/- 2
21 kg/ud2
Bernold Sheets 2
Bernold Sheets 1
Bernold Sheets 3

Shaping steel for strength

Techniques learned about shaping steel for strength, performance, and value in the world’s tunnels and shafts can be applied to the benefit for each project.

Lagging 1A
Lagging 2
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Underground Roof Supports

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