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Rail & Drilling

Rail & Accessories

Wide range of South African-origin ex-stock and ex-production as well as a full range of international standards

We offer a wide range of South African-origin ex-stock and ex-production as well as a full range of international standards from our co-operating mills in Britain and India.

South African specification rail is available in the following sizes and qualities:

Material: 700/900A, Length: 9-25mtr,
Sizes: 15kg, 22kg, 30kg, 40kg, 48kg, and 57kg.

Types of Turnouts:

black and brown chess piece on white tray
two crossing train tracks
Railway Tracks Close up
Rail Sleepers

The rail sleeper is always laying between two rail tracks to keep the correct space of gauge.

Dog spikes are also available upon request.

Rail Accessories
Rail Accessories

Railway fish plates are widely used in light rail, heavy rail and crane rails. Fish Plates vary for different standards of steel rails.

We produce more than 30 types of railway fish plates according to different standards.

Drill Bits, Rods & Accessories

Highest quality custom-made drilling consumables

Drill Bits 1

Abex Steels offers the design and manufacture of the highest quality custom-made drilling consumables and has become a preferred supplier to some of the biggest names within these industries throughout the African continent.

We manufacture a wide range of products to meet all your hard rock and soft rock drilling challenges using the latest technology and the highest quality materials available including: Tungsten Carbide Poly Crystalline Diamond High-Grade Steels. To ensure you get the best results across a vast range of drilling conditions.

Drill Bits 2

Abex Steels will work together with you to ensure you get the exact part needed to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. Our American technical team can be available to go on-site and customise drilling equipment to meet the specific requirements of the job, to maximise the productivity and the cost-effectiveness of your project.

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Rail & Drilling

Our primary objective is to assist our client in enhancing their production efficiency, reducing material waste, and elevating the overall quality of their end products. By leveraging our expertise, we strive to empower organizations with innovative solutions that drive growth and success.

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